D-1- Featured session is Why Middleware? by Christian Horsdal

Before you head to the pre-conference aperitivo, one last session: Why Middleware?. We asked Christian Horsdal to tell us more about his session and about himself.

And we this post we concluded our overview of all sessions of the conference. After the coffee-break you can choose between:

Q: Tell us a bit more about your session

A: My session is about OWIN and ASP.NET 5 Middleware, which is a subject that seem to confuse many developers. But you “get it” it really not that hard, and it turns out to be very useful. Middleware is often a good place to handle all sorts of cross cutting concerns: It’s decoupled from the application logic, it’s “lightweight” and can be nicely testable. If that wasn’t enough, middleware also lends it self nicely to be reused across a system of (Micro)sevices, so you don’t have to implement the same plumbing code over and over.

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself

A: Christian works as consultant, trainer and coder. He helps clients grow and deliver awesome solutions. All at the same time. When he isn’t coding he just might enjoy a good single malt or a ride around the country side on his road bike.