2 Days to the kick off: featured session of the day - From Mobile Services to Mobile Apps: how mobile backend is evolving on Azure by Marco De Sanctis

We are not featuring a session from track immediately after the keynote:From Mobile Services to Mobile Apps: how mobile backend is evolving on Azure and we asked Marco De Sanctis to tell us more about his session and about himself.

You can now choose what you want to listen to after being amazed by Scott:

Q: Tell us a bit more about your session

A:I started working and experimenting with Azure since the very first days (who remembers the management portal based on Silverlight??) and, month by month, I saw it growing, becoming bigger, more complete and powerful. It's an evolving platform, but with evolution come changes and doubts.

Think about the mobile PaaS offering, today: Mobile Services or Mobile Apps? Which one shall we pick? You start a new project, you want to build a mobile backend, and this is the number one recurring question. My team made no exception: the choice between the two is the usual tradeoff in dev's world, between old and stable vs. new and powerful: there's no doubt that eventually everyone will move to mobile apps, but understanding when it's the right time to do can be crucial for the project success.

So, what about this talk? Well, it will be a very practical one, that's for sure, we're going to write a lot of code to explore together some of the critical differences between those two services: we'll point out the different approach the App Service team is taking with Mobile Apps, highlight the new feature and some of the hassles which still remain unsolved.

The ultimate hope is that sharing my personal experience on the field, will be useful when the time will come to chose the PaaS for your mobile backend, so that you'll be able to take a wiser and perhaps more conscious decision.

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself

A: I'm a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET and I've been working with Microsoft's web stack since the first beta of ASP.NET. I've been incredibly lucky to be part of many projects based on the Azure platform, ranging from startup size to the big enterprise.

Today I consult as a tech lead in one of the biggest companies in the UK and I'm a very proud member of the Azure Advisors.

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