4 Days to the kick off: featured session of the day - Experimenting with ServiceWorker by Sandro Paganotti

4 days to the Web European Conference, the first featured session of the day is Experimenting with ServiceWorker and we asked Sandro Paganotti to tell us more about his session and about himself.

Q: Tell us a bit more about your session

A: ServiceWorker has gained a lot of traction during the past year and a half. While not yet fully supported, the changes it introduces into the web application world are huge. Offline first web application with custom caching strategies, push notification and background synchronization, to name just a few. This talks is designed with the idea to give a glimpse of what the Service Worker is capable of when solving real life problems.

We will start by exploring a few 'standard' use case and the we'll move into more 'edge' stuff; there will be demos - hopefully all of them will work - and some code to look at and discuss, just a few slides with the most interesting bits.

I don't want to spoiler here the use cases but they will try to cover various ways of how we can take advantage of this new network layer we can manipulate within the browser. Wanna know more? Join me at 16:30 in Room2 :D

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself

A: I'm an early adopter, front-end developer, interested into everything that gravitates around the 'holy' trinity of the web: HTML/CSS/JS and all the efforts made to keep it modern and performant.

I love to experiment and build with everything new and shiny the web has to offer: Service Workers, ES6, Request Idle Callback.. Nonetheless I remain a firm believer in progressive enhancement.

I'm wishing for a future where the web will be able to compete with the native, especially on mobile, and where everything will run at 60fps and offline. I live in London and work at Facebook.

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