5 Days to the kick off: featured session of the day - Code Cooking by Code Cooking by Rui Carvalho

We are entering the week of the conference, and today we are featuring a type of session which something you might have not seen in many other conferences: Code Cooking and we asked Rui Carvalho to tell us more about his session and about himself.

This session will be the last of the day, but it is partially interactive, so there will be less chances you fall asleep after the intense day. On the same time-slot there will also be a session on TypeScript by Alessandro Giorgetti.

Q: Tell us a bit more about your session

A:The talk is about learning things in a different way.

It's even more about showing you a technique that I learned some time before and that I hope you'll try and present to other people too. I'll quickly introduce you the practice but we'll spend some time testing it live.

It's like a coding dojo format but instead of being a canvas for practicing it is one for learning new things in a very quickly and efficient way.

By the way, I'll need some assistance from the Web European Conference participants! I'll need some volunteers that will try to learn something during the session and someone that can teach something. If you know some functional language like Haskell or Erlang, or if you want to show people how to create a small site in Sinatra or ASPNET 5 it would be cool too, contact me before the day or even during the conference!

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself

A: I'm mostly a developer trying to master everyday its art for being a better craftsman.

I've been playing with Microsoft web stack for more than 15 years now and doing open source in that field even before .Net.

I'm now an independent consultant since many years and I spend my day helping clients building products that matter, teaching the next generation of software engineers, talking at conferences and organizing meetups for the french alt.net group and others.

I also organize an international developer conference in April/May in Paris called Ncrafts that I highly recommend you!

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