9 Days to the kick off: featured session of the day - Create a single page web application with AngularJS by Antonio Di Motta

With 9 days the beginning of the Web European Conference, this morning we feature a session from track 4, Create a single page web application with AngularJS and we asked Antonio Di Motta to tell us more about his session and about himself.

Q: Tell us a bit more about your session

A: My session will have AngularJS as main actor. We will go to understand the main characteristics of this web framework that makes simple building a Single Page Application but also how to extend the built-in directives with your own custom. To do that, we will see many examples with different levels of difficulty. There will be space also to understand how to design a complex SPA project by reference to an open source project I'm working on.

This session requires a good knowledge of html and javascript, as well as concepts like data-binding and mvc should be familiar.

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself

A: I'm working at Mate Consulting as IT Project Engineer. In my career i have had the opportunity to work on interesting projects that have involved the real life. It’s amazing when you see your software working into an industrial or transportation plant like a metro, every decision about the design and implementation are very important and have a deep impact to the final results. I like sharing my knowledge with others and the open source its a great way to accomplish it, so i have an account on Github which is the place where I'm publishing some personal projects.

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